Avşa Island Mucilage Latest Status


We wanted to share information about the mucilage problem of our Avşa island, which is connected to the Marmara island, which has been on the agenda recently. We will be sharing photos about the Mucilage situation of Avşa Island on a weekly basis. For more detailed information, you can call us and access daily information. The mucilage situation of Avşa island is much more advantageous than other touristic regions in our region. We will explain the reasons for this below.

Due to the nature of Avşa Island, the mucilage deposits that come to the island with the winds and currents leave the island daily. Although there are regional accumulations due to the structure of some bays, these deposits cannot be larger than a few square meters.

Mucilage deposits, which can be seen in some regions due to the opposite winds in the eastern part of our island, are cleaned regularly.